“Your work is so Apocalyptic”

October 9, 2014

Said a woman to me at an art fair recently. I am used to lots of “Your work is so whimsical!” and “You should make children’s books!” so the apocalyptic comment was a nice change.

But, still. Odd. In my own head I think of my work as something that has moved me away from cynical, paranoid, and, well, apocalyptic thinking. I asked for clarification and we looked at Companions.

Companions, 5.5" x 4", multiple plate etching

, 5.5″ x 4″, multiple plate etching

Where I saw two friends, maybe from disparate backgrounds, on a tree-powered adventure together, she saw refugees from global climate change. And also a boat riding dangerously low in the water.

Which is why I like the occasional art fair. It is good to hear how many ways there are to interpret a visual story.

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