What Inspires You?

September 10, 2011

The image below was the result of me being inspired.  I had just read an article about the artist Nancy Spero in Art News, in which she was described as a person who represented her social beliefs in her life and work.  I’ve never been sure how to do this as an artist, but something about that article, and Nancy Spero, created a little moment of inspiration.  I had just started using giraffes in my work, and they were definitely meant to be artist-figures.  I also work as a high school librarian.  Much of my job feels like the scene below, where the penguin and seahorse are the students, and the soldiers are the (unfortunately too numerous) adults who seem to often be clueless about the realities of working with teenagers.  I end up spending a lot of time mediating between the two.


“Defender” 12″ x 9″, multiple plate etching, 2010

What inspires You?

I’m interested in how others respond to this topic as I try to find inspiration for the new pieces I am currently working on.

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One Response to “What Inspires You?”

  1. Courtney says:

    Hi Ray,

    First, I gotta say the question about what inspires you is a great one. Seems it’s something we should all reflect on more often, and appreciate. Generically I’d say winning, learning, making impact. More specifically I’d say the moment when a mountain hike begins – looking at the big mountain and feeling jazzed about the challenges and magic that my walk might showcase.

    I’m actually writing to ask about a piece I saw at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival two or three years ago in Denver. I’ve got it on a postcard of yours. It’s got a rainbow on it. Wondering if you have any other pieces with rainbows and animals doing whacky things?