Many people express an interest in the process of creating an etching.  Over the next few days I will document this process from almost the beginning to the final trial proof.

We begin already slightly into the process.  I’ve cut a piece of copper, bevelled the edges, and coated it with the hard ground–a blue-tinted acrylic coating.









Next, I use a needle tool to begin drawing on the plate.  I’m not carving, digging into, or engraving the plate.  Just drawing through the acrylic hard ground to expose the metal beneath.  The pressure is no more than if I were drawing with an ink pen.

The drawing continues to evolve.  I don’t have much of a conceptual “master plan” for this image.  It is an incongruous elephant on an incongruous swing on a boat that is floating incongruously high in the water.  I’m pretty much just playing.  I have been traveling for over a month and this is my first new etching since May.

Here is a close up of one part of the plate.  One of the great things about etching is how much detail I can fit into a small area.





I’ve been spending about 1.5 – 2 hours drawing at this point.  The image is now ready for the first etch.  I’ve been working at home, so the actual etching will have to wait until tomorrow, when I journey to New Grounds.

Check back in tomorrow night for the etching of the plate and the printing of the first print.

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