Heroes, Saints & Expeditions (2015)


Aerial Reconnaissance

A lone wanderer searches for a place to plant his roots…or perhaps realizes that his roots are with him, where ever he goes.

Companions, 5.5" x 4", multiple plate etching


Two friends, roaming the world together

Data Collector, multiple plate etching, 9" x 6", 2014

Data Collector

Determinedly traveling the world, gathering information and turning it into useful knowledge.

Seahorse in a Tank!

Hippocampus Militantis

A supremely confident defender and protector.

Massmänner, multiple plate etching, 16" x 12", 2014


Three brothers go forth to measure, design, and create.

Observer II, multiple plate etching, 9" x 6", 2014


Supported and watched over while pedaling around the world

Progeny5.5" x 4", multiple plate etching


Sent forth into the world, with a little birdhouse for their souls

Ram, 12" x 9", multiple plate etching, 2014


A heroic sheep leaves the herd behind and sets forth in search of new pastures far and wide. (Read more about the model here)

Relocated, 8" x 6", multiple plate etching


Home is where the roots are…or the roots are where home is? An expedition to the Far North leads to tranquility on the Faroese island of Fugloy

 st brendan

Saint Brendan

Brendan sailed the North Atlantic, seeking the Isle of the Blessed. He saw many wonders and preached to the fishes.

St. Joseph, 12" x 9", multiple plate etching, 2015

Saint Joseph

Patron of fatherhood and of carpenters.

St. Sebastian, multiple plate etching, 12" x 9", 2015

Saint Sebastian

Through accepting inevitable suffering, Sebastian becomes more than he was.

Santa Lucia, multiple plate etching, 12" x 9", 2015

Santa Lucia

A light in the darkness of early December

Sky an Oar multiple plate etching, 12" x 9", 2014

Sky an Oar

Based on a drawing of a boat I saw every day in the Faroe Islands, where longboats are still a thing.

 subarctic expedition

Sub-Arctic Expedition

In 2013, I set out to a magical archipelago in the Norwegian Sea.

Sub-Arctic Home, 16" x 12", multiple plate etching

Sub-Arctic Home

Commemorating my visit to the Faroe Islands, especially the isle of Fugloy.

Sub-Arctic Swing, Multiple Plate Etching, 15" x 9", 2014

Sub-Arctic Swing

Across from Torshavn, in the Faroe Islands, the isle and village of Nolsoy beckon. The wind turbine on the actual island is replaced here with a generator of hopes and excitement.

surveyors 2


Two friends measuring the dimensions of their world

Teresa de Avila, 12" x 9", multiple plate etching, 2015 Teresa de Avila

A depiction of St. Teresa’s Interior Castle, from my Saints Reimagined series

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